Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Howto Share any website via Google Reader

Have ever been in a situation where you find something (like a video, comic, article, etc.) you wish to share with your friends, but the website it is, doesn't have anyway to share and doesn't support RSS to share via Google Reader? Well recently I found out that with Google Reader you can share any link without needing to subscribe to it (no RSS feed needed). In order to get this to work you'll need to go to your Google Reader and under"Your Stuff" select "Notes". Once this is done you'll see the Reader opening all the stuff you shared with a note and on top of it a section with the title, "Share anything from around the web." In this section you'll see a Google Reader favicon with a link "Note in Reader", you'll need to drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar (Recommended). Now anytime you're in website you wish to share just click on that bookmark and the familiar Add Note pop up from Google Reader will appear, add your note and share it.

Alguna vez han estado navegando la red para cuando se topan con algo (video, comic, articulo, etc.) muy interesante, pero no tiene RSS feed y entonces para compartirlo ocupas mandar el link a tu amigos? Pues recientemente descubrí que vía Google Reader puedes compartir cualquier link con tus amigos del Reader. Esto incluye las ventajas del Google Reader, como lo es compartir con nota. Para hacer esto ocupan ingresar a su Google Reader e ir a la seccion "Your Stuff" ('tus cosas') y seleccionar "Notes" o "Notas". Una vez ahi a la derecha va aparecer un 'tip' con el titulo "Share anything from around the web." Abajo del titulo veran un link con el favicon del Reader, a este link ponganlo en su bookmark toolbar. Ahora lo unico que ocupan hacer para compartir una pagina es dar click a ese bookmark y te aparecerar el pop-up de Notas de Google Reader, agrega una nota y listo.

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