Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Videogames Part 2: The Technologies

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When it comes to videogames there are many tools in which one can develop a game. You can use tool(s) like DirectX, OpenGL, Unreal Engine, Source Engine, Havok Engine, Flash, and XNA to name a few. But the one that really excited me was XNA due to the fact that you can publish your game to Xbox Live for other people to play. It's also pretty easy to use (compared to the others) when your just beginning to learn.

The XNA framework makes it simple to make games for Xbox, PC, and Windows Phone 7 without the hassles of worrying for compatibility issues. This is because XNA wraps all the low-level details, such as DirectX settings, so the user doesn't have to worry. The only real differences when developing for different platforms are the controls. Even these for the PC and Xbox can be the same as they a both compatible with the Xbox controller. Another good reason XNA is great to start developing games is that it has many predefine methods which simplify tedious tasks. This is why I would recommend any one interested in games to start with XNA which is great way to understand how games differ from any other application.

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